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About Us

O'Dwyer & Jones Design Partnership provides a technical consultancy in all aspects of Aviation Planning, Airports Planning, and Aviation Architecture. Established since 1982, this firm brings 35 years of local and international experience in these fields. Located centrally in Dublin city, it is the only independent aviation planning consultancy based in Ireland.

Specialists in Aviation Planning Standards

We are specialists in the application of the Regulations, Standards, and Recommended Practices—both national and international—which govern the physical planning of airports and of developments in the vicinity of airports/aerodromes/heliports.
ICAO MontrealInternationally (for civil airports/aerodromes & heliports) these regulations are set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization, based in Montreal, whose standards and recommendations are adopted (under the 'Chicago Convention') into the national law of countries world-wide (with some promulgated national variations within different countries). We are familiar with—and provide planning consultancy in relation to—the various aviation planning practices at civil airports within Europe, in the U.K. (as controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority), in Ireland (as controlled by the Irish Aviation Authority), in the United States (as set out and controlled by the F.A.A.), etc. We are also familiar with planning practices at (and in the vicinity of) military aerodromes in Ireland and internationally (e.g. at N.A.T.O. military aerodromes).

This firm has carried out aviation planning projects in Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc., at both civil and military airports/aerodromes of all sizes, ranging from international civil airport hubs to local general-aviation aerodromes and military airfields.
We have also carried out master planning and design projects for significant State bodies, such as for the Irish Air Corps, and for An Garda Síochána (the Irish police force) – for whom we have prepared a master plan for all Garda Headquarters accommodation.
We have carried out significant planning and design projects for airlines Aer Lingus, RyanAir, and CityJet, for PARC, and for Marshall Aerospace (U.K.), and have designed the head office of Garland International Consulting Engineers.
We have planned and designed the largest sports complex in Ireland for the Aer Lingus Social and Athletic Association, and have carried out several planning and design projects for the Gaelic Athletic Association.
We also provide technical (aviation) advice and evaluations for a number of local County planning authorities in Ireland.

Aviation & Airport Planning Clients

Among the clients for whom we provide aviation planning services are:
    Airport and aerodrome operators,
    Airlines, aircraft operators, and aircraft companies,
    Local authorities (in particular those whose areas of administration contain, or adjoin, airports and aerodromes),
    Military aerodrome (and Air Corps) authorities,
    Private landowners whose lands are located in the vicinity of (or under the flight-paths to) airports and aerodromes, and the occupants or users of premises & facilities affected by aviation (whether because of elevation, nearness to an aerodrome or to a flight-path, etc.).

Cost-effective Technical Reports & Feasibility Studies

We are a small efficient firm, with substantial international aviation experience (and with international aviation professional contacts whose additional expertise we can draw upon when needed for further specialized analyses), and we can provide extremely cost-effective aviation planning expertise to clients of all types. This is frequently in the form of speedily-produced Aviation Planning reports (in print or electronic format), whether in support of, or in evaluation of, the planning or development stages of any aviation-related project.

While some of our work is published (e.g. within various County Development Plans), or is available for inspection (e.g. technical analyses relating to planning applications and appeals), other work is carried out on a strictly confidential basis—when required, we carry out Feasibility Studies on aviation technical matters in strict confidence to any client. This firm has prepared confidential planning studies for police (An Garda Síochána) and army (Irish Air Corps) authorities.

We also provide speedy and cost-effective Technical Analyses of aviation reports, planning observations, and opinions submitted on behalf of third parties in relation to proposed aviation-related plans and developments, including proposed developments in the vicinity of an airport or aerodrome.

Aviation Technical Enquiries

On behalf of private or public (e.g. local authority) clients we can make informed direct enquiries on aviation matters and questions to the relevant aviation authorities (e.g. to international aviation authorities such as the International Civil Aviation Organization [I.C.A.O.]; or to national aviation authorities, such as the Irish Aviation Authority [I.A.A.] in Ireland, the Civil Aviation Authority [C.A.A.] in the U.K., etc.).

Aviation-related matters feature significantly in planning legislation (in which they are also the subject of a number of planning exemptions), and further aviation considerations/policies are provided for in County Development Plans: on behalf of the proposers of (or the objectors to) an aviation-related development, our firm can make direct technical enquiries to local planning authorities and to local planning officers, on a very cost-effective basis.

J.D. O'Dwyer B.Arch. MBA. RIBA.

J.D. O'Dwyer has been a chartered member of the Royal Institute of British Architects for thirty years, and is a former Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, Londonprincipal airports planner of the Irish Airports Authority, with responsibility for the master planning of Irish civil airports and Irish military aerodromes, and for the planning evaluation of buildings and structures at (and in the vicinity of) the Irish state airports (both civil and military); he has also been responsible for the planning and design of a large variety of airport buildings and structures at civil and military airports.